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Singer-guitarist and songwriter, Mike Z formed "Z and The Benders," calling on a talented collection of San Francisco's and the North Bay's finest musicians to perform original tunes, along with covers to which The Benders apply their own special twist (or bend?). Z & The Benders is a group that plays jazzy dance music for hip occasions... a blend of jazz, funk, and R&B, with a bluesy twist. Dancing, toe-tapping, and chair wiggling cannot be avoided... "Z and The Benders" music is what you get when you put rockin’ rhythm ‘n blues and jazz together, mixing their own versions of cover tunes with originals that make you want to say, “Hey, not bad.” This easy blend of cool music goes well with conversation, cocktails, any kind of beer, Northern California wine, a damn good cup of coffee, a spot of tea, a good woman, a bad man or just sitting back and letting circumstances unfold.

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